"Hot off the Press" with Chef "Panini Pete" Blohme

Are you tuning in to “Hot off the Press” with Chef Pete Blohme? "Hot off the Press" is a weekly podcast bringing food lovers the latest in food, drink and popular culture. 

Chef Pete broadcasts from some of the most renowned food competitions and culinary events in the industry, as well as dishing in-studio each week with some of the biggest names in the food world today—from the 8th Annual Hangout Oyster Cookoff in beautiful Gulf Shores where he chatted with celebrity chef and event headliner Anne Burrell, to the 27th Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue where he brought listeners a taste of the action hot off the grill from Lynchburg. Most recently, Chef Pete has welcomed to the show Dee Reed of Lex and Terry morning show, Navy Entertainment Program Director aka “Mama Duck of the MESSLORDS” Karen Fritz, and Gulf Coast restaurateur Johnny Fisher along with Fisher’s Executive Chef and James Beard Award finalist Bill Briand. 

Funny and flavorful, "Hot off the Press" has all of the ingredients for a half-hour of entertainment foodies everywhere will enjoy. Check it out at www.hotppodcast.com. And for more information on the upcoming guest lineup and all things “Panini Pete” follow Chef Pete on Twitter at @PaniniPetes.